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Access Control

Coded for Keypad Entry

Coded Entry is probably the simplest and cheapest form of Access Control Systems currently available and provides access using a commonly known code, or in more sophisticated systems by a personal identification number (PIN) known only to the individual user.

Card Access Systems

Card access systems require that anyone who has access to a particular area carries about them a swipe or proximity card which is offered up to a reader head. Swipe cards as the name suggests, requires that the user swipe the card through the reader head to gain access. Some swipe systems incorporate numeric keypads for added security.

Proximity Readers

Proximity readers on the other hand, require only that the user waves a tag or token in front of a reader. This type of system is similar in operation to that used in many shops to detect shoplifting. Because there are no moving parts or slots that can be tampered with proximity systems offer the ultimate solution for protecting external doors. They are highly vandal resistant and in may cases the reader can be located within the protected premises, offering an even greater level of physical protection

Biometric Systems

Biometric Systems are probably the most secure method of controlling access in high security environment. They operate by distinguishing the personal attributes of the person using the system, such as voice recognition, fingerprint recognition or retinal scan.

PC Based Systems

As with all security the key to effective Access Control s good management. A system which can be programmed centrally through a standard desktop PC offers the ultimate management solution. PC based systems give the operator an overview of the security of the of the premises. They can incorporate any of the above devices and medial types in one simple to manage system, print reports on who has access and who has been into a particular area. Access to particular areas can be granted by security level or only during specific time periods. In the event of a fire or other emergency an override facility can be programmed to unlock all doors automatically to ensure the safety of the occupants.