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When the temperature outside begins to climb, many people seek the cool comfort of indoor air conditioning.

There have been many improvements in technology and design within the air conditioning industry over the last few years resulting in improved energy efficiency and running costs. Sleek modern designs, improved reliability and low impact installation.

Sapphire can recommend, design and install to your exact requirements.

There are three main advantages to having air conditioning fitted in your office, workplace, shop, school, hospitals or other leisure space, and these are:

  • The air conditioning system helps to maintain a comfortable temperature
  • Air conditioning provides fresh air for the building’s occupants
  • The air conditioning system can remove contaminants from the air, in particular, body odour.

These days most air conditioning units have two functions – heating and cooling – and they can be easily changed from one to the other depending on the kind of air you want in the building that day. Obviously in winter the thermostat will probably be turned higher so that warm air seeps into the room, while in the summer this will be replaced with air that is cooler than the room’s temperature to help keep everyone cool.

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