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Caring For The Environment

A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment. This relates to the materials we use, how we use them and what we can do as a company to insure all products and installations are done as energy efficient as possible to aid in the environment.

Sapphire have the following procedures in place:-

  • A environmental policy which is reviewed, amended and monitored regularly.
  • A valid environmental waste certificate to ensure all unwanted materials are disposed off in the correct manor.
  • The encouragement of supplying and installing low energy high efficiency lighting and other materials which may be energy efficient.
  • Recycling of un-wanted electrical items as per the WEE Regulations.
  • The encouragement of reusing or recycling existing materials.
  • All paper, cardboard and office waste is recycled on a regular basis using our local recycling centre.
  • Regular power load monitoring testing is undertaken in-house to ensure usage is at peek efficiency.
  • Details of our Carbon Footprint is recorded to help identify areas of improvement.
  • Regular maintenance and servicing of our company vehicles are undertaken
  • Regular servicing of our company tools and equipment is carried out before and after use.

By making changes in the way we work, we can be proud to say we are doing our bit for the environment, global warming and climate change.

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