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Our Project Managers are experienced in the design and installation of office air conditioning systems and will provide the most cost effective solution

VRV Variable refrigerant Volume

VRV (sometimes referred to as VRF variable refrigerant flow) are similar to DX systems. The fundamental difference between the two is that with VRV a number of indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit.

There are 3 different types of VRV systems

  1. Two pipe cooling only
  2. Two pipe cooling and heating
  3. Three pipe heat recovery

Fan Coil Units

Usually located above ceiling but can be installed at low level around the perimeter of a building to provide heating and cooling

  • 4-pipe fan coils comprise filter, fan, hot water heating coil and chilled water cooling coil.
  • 2-pipe fan coil units provide cooling only and do not have a heating coil.
  • Fan coil system would normally be installed with a fresh air supply and extraction system